Here you will find the best selection of line art motifs. Let yourself be inspired and design your personal gallery wall with minimalist motifs.


Minimal Beauty

If you are looking for a minimalist decoration for your living room, then the motifs Minimal Line Art Woman and Flowers and Her Couples Wall Art just right for you. The composition is supported by the minimalist elegance of the floral motifs: Philodendron lines, Abstract Flowers and the motif Modern Peony .

Floral motifs


Line art love

If you are looking for minimalist motifs on the subject of love, then you are in luck with the motifs Hands Heart, The Kiss circle silhouettes and Face On Hand Abstract Single Line spot on.

Love motifs


Female line art

If you are looking for feminine minimalism for your bedroom, then we have the motifs Minimal Line Art Woman and Rose and Minimal Line Art Woman with Flower die perfect choice for you.

Female Motive

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