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Typography theme

  • Refined texts & wisdom
  • Words that make you laugh & think

Typography artworks


Animal theme

  • From microscopic to immensely large
  • Majestic, elegant and cute

animal artworks


Nature theme

  • Primeval forests, raging seas & untouched landscapes
  • Wilderness in the form of beautiful nature pictures
  • Spectacular nature photographs

Nature artworks


Travel theme

  • Expedition in your own living room
  • Year-round travel mood

Travel artworks


City theme

  • Around the world or just stay at home
  • Through Metropolis & Village
  • Your visual city trip

City artworks


Abstract theme

  • Clear contours, defined lines and concise forms
  • Abstract and geometric images
  • Dots, Circles & Squares

Abstract artworks


Floral theme

  • Let your walls bloom
  • Low-maintenance floral images

Floral artworks


Black and white theme

  • Ying and yang
  • Stracciatella ice cream
  • Karl Lagerfeld's fashion shows

Black and white artworks


Women theme

  • Art has many faces
  • Frida Kahlo & other personalities

Female artworks


Love theme

  • Romantic declarations of love
  • You, I - runs.

love artworks


Food & Drink theme

  • Yeah, you got that yummy, yum
  • That yummy, yum
  • That yummy, yummy.

Food and drink artworks


Funny artworks

  • Funny puns & ironic one-liners
  • Smile guaranteed

Funny artworks


Cartography artworks

  • Please turn left
  • Then just straight ahead
  • You reached your goal.

cartography artworks


Geometric artworks

  • The Rubik's Cube for your walls
  • Better than any set square
  • a²+b²=c²

Geometric artworks


Artworks for children

  • Giants are half the size
  • Are long dwarfs only.

artworks for children

Holiday theme

  • Ice ice baby
  • The Beach Lounge for your home

Holiday artworks


Fashion theme

  • "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"
  • Life is a Coco Chanel quote

Fashion artworks


Architecture artworks

  • More or less artful construction and artistic design of buildings
  • Aesthetic walls, doors and buildings

Architecture artworks


Alcoholic artworks

  • It's 5 o'clock somewhere
  • No beer before four
  • Murals to match the end of the day

Alcoholic artworks


Fictional artworks

  • Alice: "That's impossible..."
  • Hatter: "Only if you don't believe in it!"

Fictional artworks

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