Every year, color experts around the world are on the lookout for the latest trend colors. So this year it is no longer "Illuminating and Ultimate Grey" but the color "Very Peri" which is the newest star in the color trend sky. The new trend color is a mixture of blue and red-purple, intended to emphasize the increasingly blurred boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. She stands for the global zeitgeist and change and radiates optimism. We have put together a selection of artworks with the new Pantone trend color 2022 so that you continue to be decoratively trendy. The new color shows the desire for something new. Nothing like the decorative trend experience 2022!

And who is this Pantone®?

And anyway: Why is he allowed to determine which color is or will be a trend? Legitimate Questions. The Pantone Matching System is a color system that has established itself as a global standard in the design and printing industries. It was developed in 1963 by the American company Pantone LLC. The company releases a palette of trend colors for each season. These have established themselves as an important compass for the fashion and design industry.

Artwork selection

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